There will always be close relations between interior and exterior space. The point of the compass, the climate zone, etc plays huge role by characterizing the space. Every interior is defined by the light that enters though windows, the outside views, etc.

Interior/ exterior design creates the final quality for the users.

Working on interior and exterior design at the same project, allows to maximize the value of the space by:

  • creating the interior/ exterior zoning (functional areas), that are linked together functionally and are following the same design rules.

  • Creating illusion of smaller, wider, etc space by adding terraces to specific outdoor areas or creating outdoor view corridors that widen the indoor space.

  • creating lighting scenes that compliments the whole area.

  • Design language will be more comprehensive trough indoor/ outdoor spaces.

  1. Every project starts with meeting the clients and analyzing the existing site. Clients thaughts and ideas about the project gives the important input for the further work.

Client should answer following:

  • Who are going to live there, what are their needs and expectation for the space (including pets)

  • The future perspective.

  • Quick analyze of the space. What is favorable in this site? What aspects are disturbing in site?

  • What style should be dominant ( can also be figured out later together).

  • The budget of the project.

2. Analyzing the project and putting together the overall estimate, which will be presented to client.

  • What kind of work should be done in which order and by whom.

  • How long would every work phase take and how much it costs.

If the estimate is approved by client, the further work process can start.

3. Concept development

4. Drawings

5. Documentation

6. 3D and video

LOOKING FORWARD TO our collaboration! :)